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Head Rest Entertainment

We provide a wide range of Rosen Head Rest Screens.

Experience Rosen’s growing options for seat mounted, headrest entertainment systems! Rosen is adding several new options for 2010, including an exciting “Piggy-Back” system for Active Head Restraint equipped vehicles and a “Made-For-Navi” slave screen system for use with Rosen’s growing line of in-dash, multi-media systems with navigation. Each of these system options feature Rosen’s “Best Of Class” LCD technology for crisp, clean video reproduction and off-axis viewing.

SPR-13C – 5-1/4“ (13cm) Coaxial 2-Way

6Some systems can get loud but sacrifice clarity. Why butcher your music? Add Type-R speakers and prepare to enjoy your music. Type-R speakers deliver solid performance – superior linearity, efficiency, clarity, and great bass response, the Type-R speakers are the ones you deserve.