Premium Infotainment System for Mercedes-Benz Vito (V639) and Viano (W639)

Luca Angotti

Luca Angotti

38 – Sales Consultant
I have a big family and we frequently go on weekend trips. Entertainment with flexible connectivity and a good navigation system are very important on long rides. I am very happy Alpine developed such an outstanding system for the Viano. It is a very useful upgrade to my car.

Arjen de Vries

45 – Airport Shuttle Driver
The Viano is my mobile office – I spend about 12 hours each day driving customers to and from the airport. This requires a high-end navigation system with many options and a reliable Bluetooth hands-free solution. During waiting times I really appreciate the ability to watch movies or listen to DAB radio. Alpine’s X800D-V has become my mobile business partner.

Arjen de Vries
Andreas Obermayer

Andreas Obermayer

53 – Heating & Plumbing Company Owner
We are on the road every day visiting customers and construction sites. A highly reliable navigation system with hands-free phone operation is a must. The extra large touch-screen of the Alpine makes my daily drives much easier and more enjoyable. We even often eat lunch in our Vito and my employees love to connect their phones and listen to their music while having a sandwich.

Your Personal Media Expert

The ultimate Infotainment system for your Mercedes Vito / Viano: enjoy an audiophile sound experience, brilliant picture quality and the latest digital media compatibility.

20cm High Resolution Touch Screen

The 8-inch (20.3 cm) high resolution display is 60% larger than the original Vito / Viano display and features the latest video technology for outstanding picture clarity, contrast and resolution. This allows navigation maps to be displayed in stunning detail, while movies or video clips become a real cinematic experience. It also contributes to driving safety: navigation map details are easier to see and destination input keys appear larger and are easier to operate.

20cm High Resolution Touch ScreenThe 20cm high resolution WVGA touch screen: a cinematic experience in your dashboard (X800D-V)

Connect Your Smartphone

The Alpine system ensures compatibility with the latest smartphones such the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the Samsung Galaxy S5 or the HTC One. This offers many advantages: you can enjoy digital content stored on your phone such as music or video files, access your phonebook or simply charge your phone. You can even activate SIRI and voice-control your iPhone for maximum comfort and driving safety.

Mercedes Vito & VianoStay Connected: the X800D-V is compatible with the latest smartphones

Video and Audio Playback

The X800D-V allows you to enjoy movies, music videos or TV shows from many different sources, such as DVDs from the builtin optical drive, USB sticks, the latest smartphones with HDMI output or portable video devices connected to the A/V connector (optional cables may be required). You can also connect your iPod or iPhone to enjoy your music and video content on the extralarge
display. For driving safety the video playback feature is only available if the vehicle is not in motion.

Video and Audio PlaybackMobile entertainment: connect your digital or analog mobile devices for video entertainment on the road

DAB Digital Radio

The built-in DAB/DAB+/DMB tuner uses the most advanced digital technology to deliver radio reception in outstanding, noise-free sound quality. DAB also offers many other advantages over traditional FM radio: select from a much wider range of radio stations and after an initial station scan you can easily select your desired channels from an alphabetic and genre list of available stations.

DAB Digital RadioDAB Digital Radio: enjoy noise-free, digital sound quality from hundreds of DAB radio stations

Built-in Bluetooth® Technology

The built-in Bluetooth® module allows wireless connection of a mobile phone for hands-free communication, while frequent software updates ensure full compatibility with the latest phones.
An intuitive user interface makes it very easy to operate and also includes a speed dial function for the most frequently called numbers. Bluetooth® also enables audio streaming from the
phone: audio content or even internet radio can be wirelessly transferred to the X800D-V.

Built-in Bluetooth® TechnologyLatest Bluetooth® technology: Hands-free phone calls and audio streaming

Perfect Vehicle Integration

The X800D-V is fully compatible with the Vito / Viano steering wheel control buttons and the multi-information display in the instrument cluster to maintain all important vehicle functions.
The system automatically “wakes” when the driver unlocks the doors. It also offers many sound adjustment functions such as digital time correction and professional equalisation
to allow everyone to adjust the system to their own sound preferences.

Perfect Vehicle IntegrationThe system is fully compatible with the Vito / Viano’s steering wheel control buttons and multi-information display

Navigation. Perfected.

The integrated premium navigation system is the perfect co-pilot, whether for a long vacation journey, a business trip to another city or simply a family weekend to the countryside. With many convenient functions to make driving easier, you’ll arrive at your destination feeling fresh and relaxed.

The 20cm touch screen display makes address input very fast andThe 20cm touch screen display makes address input very fast and safe due to the large input keys
Lane Guidance lets the driver know which is the best lane to be in,Lane Guidance lets the driver know which is the best lane to be in, while Dynamic TMC Route Guidance provides live traffic information to avoid traffic jams
3D maps (landscapes) with 3D buildings and landmarks - combined3D maps (landscapes) with 3D buildings and landmarks – combined with speed restriction display and speed camera warnings (not available in France)

Easy personalisation of driver preferences. For example, seeEasy personalisation of driver preferences. For example, see information on camping grounds and trailer restrictions
Easy input of destinations and POIs such as gas stations,Easy input of destinations and POIs such as gas stations, restaurants, etc. by category and by distance

Important Navigation features

  • Extensive map database of 47 European countries
  • Includes full free-of-charge map update within first 30 days
  • Map updates can be purchased at any time online through
  • Updates can be purchased by country and by region. This saves cost by updating only what is necessary.
  • Address search with postcode input (including 7-digit UK postcodes)
  • Smart routes: the system database stores historic traffic patterns and uses them to choose the best route depending on the time of day and day of week
  • High-resolution maps

Parking Assistance Technology

The optional rear-view camera system provides parking safety with cutting-edge camera technology.

The rear-view camera automatically activates when reversing and also mutes the audio so you can hear the parking sensor signals. You not only have a clear view to the rear, you can also see useful distance guides that are programmed to exactly match the Vito / Viano measurements for easier parking. You have a choice of four viewing modes. Multi-view
splits the screen so you have a clearer view of both left and right behind the car. Top view is very convenient when backing up to hook up a trailer, enabling you to get within centimetres of the trailer. There’s also a picture-in-picture function that shows the regular rear view in a small screen when you’ve selected a special viewing mode.

Multi-view split screen provides sharp images of left and right rearMulti-view: split screen provides sharp images of left and right rear
Top view convenient for precise reversing, for example to hook up a trailerTop view: convenient for precise reversing, for example to hook up a trailer
Optional Multi-View CameraOptional Multi-View Camera (HCE-C252RD)
Mercedes Vito & VianoCamera Installation Kit (KIT-R1V) compatible with Vito (V639) and Viano (W639) with tailgate (not compatible with twin-wing rear doors version)