TRACKER Locate – the most advanced tracking device on the market

In response to the growing problem where thieves are ‘Jamming’ tracking devices, TRACKER, the UK leader in stolen vehicle recovery, has now launched TRACKER Locate, a ground-breaking system with jamming counter measures.

TRACKER Locate incorporates GSM, GPS and VHF technology in one unit providing three means of location and two means of communication which means the chances of recovering a stolen vehicle quickly are greatly increased. Jamming counter measures are a key feature of the product, this means it will not only detect if the VHF/GSM communication channels or GPS signal are being jammed by thieves, but will use an alternative communication channel to that being jammed to continue providing location information of the stolen vehicle, providing the ultimate defence against theft.

European Cover

Using a combination of the three technologies; VHF, GPS and GSM, TRACKER Locate provides tracking throughout the UK and Europe.