Small and unobtrusive design- Your Silent Witness

We design the Silent Witness Cameras on the feedback from our customers from our previous cameras.

Use the provided quick release suction pad to mount the camera behind your rear view mirror.

Most drivers do not even see the camera from a normal driving position. A 12V cable is provided to route the power to the camera around the windscreen and to the accessory socket.

Silent Witness cameras can also be easily wired directly to your vehicle using an optional hard wiring kit.

If you do not want to hardwire your camera in, the Silent Witness cameras can be simply plugged into your cigarette socket.

The Silent witness SW011 is a forward facing camera & a driver facing camera, this gives you an alternative view already built in, most regularly used within taxi firms, busses & delivery drivers

Videos can be viewed on the Camera or on PC’s only

SD Compatible with High Capacity SD Card

Using the latest SDXC technology, the Silent Witness camera is compatible with the latest range of high capacity cards.

Precision GPS (Optional add on)

Silent Witness Dash Camera uses a GPS module, this allows for faster GPS lock on times and much smoother positioning of the vehicle over Google Mapping (pc only)


  • Silent Witness Camera
  • 8gb SD CardSD
  • Card Adapter
  • power cable
  • Quick Release windscreen mount
  • User Manual
  • Bracket