A “Silent Witness” you can depend on

You can never be too sure who is on the road, you could be involved in an accident at any time, whether it’s commuting to work or travelling to see family; you just never know!

It is often difficult to recall an incident, or there can different views on the incident (and these can sometimes be biased), these situations can be laborious and extremely stressful, but with a Silent witness HD camera you can be at ease that you will be covered just in case an incident does ever occur.

This can speed up the process with insurance companies, while also protecting your no claims! Knowing that there is always a dependable, silent witness with you at all times can make a difference.

Ultra – High Definition

Silent Witness SW224 uses a high end 2560px x 1440px video processor and very high quality 2K sensor not found in other leading brands of forward facing cameras allowing you to capture your footage in the best possible quality.

Video files are standard MP4 and can be played full screen on any computer.



Wi-Fi Enabled

With it’s built in Wi-Fi connect and free iOS and Android software you’re able to access the camera to view video files, change settings, edit and upload videos and also view live what the camera is doing.

The FREE Silent Witness SW224 iOS and Android app is easy to use and has password protection to prevent unauthorized access. You can easily change settings, view video files, you can edit and upload the video files to social media and store them on your phone for a later date. The driver behaviour scoring system allows you to see how good or how bad a driver is as it overlays sharp turns, rapid acceleration, heavy breaking and speeding on Google maps to view later. The camera also provides a driver score.

Recording Modes

Silent Witness HD Camera supports various recording modes that will fit any situation; Continuous recording and incident recording.

Continuous recording mode is activated when you start the engine,this camera has an auto loop recording system ensuring all crucial evidence is recorded. Unused footage will be over written when the SD card is full, allowing you to never miss a moment.

Incident recording mode works with a G- sensor function, when the G- sensor function detects an impact it will automatically save the clip before and after the event into a separate file.

Small and unobtrusive design- Your Silent Witness

We design the Silent Witness HD Cameras on the feedback from our customers from our previous cameras. Use the provided quick release suction pad to mount the camera behind your rear view mirror. Most drivers do not even see the camera from a normal driving position. Enough cable is provided to route the power to the camera around the screen and to the accessory socket.

Silent Witness HD cameras can also be easily wired directly to your vehicle using an optional hard wiring kit allowing the camera to automatically turn on once the ignition does.

If you do not want to hardwire your camera in, the Silent Witness cameras can be simply plugged into your cigarette socket.

Using the latest SDXC technology, the Silent Witness HD camera is compatible with the latest range of high capacity cards.